Keeping your custom build up to date

Repository Setup

  • Create a new repository from main QGC repo. Do not clone, create a new repo, initializing it from the main QGC repo.
  • You can now clone the above repo to do your work in and create pull requests from.
  • In your clone create a remote called 'mavlink' which points back to the main QGC repo.
    • git remote add mavlink

Upstream Merge

We call the process of updating your custom build to the latest QGC bits and 'Upstream Merge'. Here is an example of how to do it:

  • First make sure your local master is up to date with your own repos master.
  • Create a branch to make all the changes to:
    • git checkout -b UpstreamMerge
  • Pull in the latest bits from QGC:
    • git pull mavlink master
    • You'll get an editor to update merge comments. They are fine, just :q to exit.
  • Now you need to update the resources in your custom build:
    • cd custom
    • python
  • Build it all to make sure there are no problems.
  • You are now done. You can submit that as a Pull against your repo or however you want to get the changes into your main repo.

Note: This assume your custom build is based off of QGC master. If it is based off of a Stable branch just replace master with the stable branch name.

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