Communication Flow

Description of the high level communication flow which takes place during a vehicle auto-connect.

  • LinkManager always has a UDP link open waiting for a Vehicle heartbeat
  • LinkManager detects a new known device (Pixhawk, SiK Radio, PX4 Flow) connected to computer
    • Creates a new SerialLink connected to the device
  • Bytes comes through Link and are sent to MAVLinkProtocol
  • MAVLinkProtocol converts the bytes into a MAVLink message
  • If the message is a HEARTBEAT the MultiVehicleManager is notified
  • MultiVehicleManager is notifed of the HEARTBEAT and creates a new Vehicle object based on the information in the HEARTBEAT message
  • The Vehicle instantiates the plugins which match the vehicle type
  • The ParameterLoader associated with the vehicle sends a PARAM_REQUEST_LIST to the vehicle to load params using the parameter protocol
  • Once parameter load is complete, the MissionManager associated with the Vehicle requests the mission items from the Vehicle using the mission item protocol
  • Once parameter load is complete, the VehicleComponents display their UI in the Setup view

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